photo by David Peter Simon

Very Good Is Less Than Good – Louis Kahn

Inspired by IA pioneer Richard Saul Wurman’s call to practice information architecture as “an understanding business,” I co-founded The Understanding Group with Bob Royce in 2011, and am involved in the co-opting of architectural thinking from the built environment for use in the design of places made of information.

In addition to my duties as principal information architect at TUG, I get to teach the IA course at the University of Michigan School of Information, and in April 2016 I began serving a 2-year term as President of the Information Architecture Institute.

Looking Good Is Not Being Good.


It’s just an inescapable fact: what I’m wearing is part of the communication I’m bringing when the audience is watching. Period. And I’ve found that Ugmonk-designed products help me bring what I’m bringing. The medium and the message are complimentary.

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