The Rise of CAD = The Decline of Physical / Minature Modelling?

One of the big “question areas” I’m going to be exploring with architects as I do research for the book I’ve started writing is the rise of the use of CAD in regular-old architecture design and development processes and for those who’ve been around long enough to have the perspective … if 3D computer graphics and other digital renderings have made client relations and client sign-off any more or less durable than when physical maquettes and models were used in the process back in the day. Hopefully there’s a pile of dissertations about CAD vs. pre-CAD that I can pilfer some good bits from.

05. January 2009 by dan
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  1. Uh oh… I’m finding a LOT of stuff about how the CAD vs. analog or hand tools has been “done to death” among the regular-old architects.

    I’m not giving up on the idea that there may be something of value to UX in a pile of do not want from the field of regular-old architecture.

  2. Hi Dan,

    We still see an increasing demand for scale models (maquette) based on 3d cad drawings. We use them to print 3d scale models with our 3d printer. Easier, faster and more affordable than ever.


    • Oh no – this brings us to an even more obtuse question: hand-built models versus 3D “printed” by-a-computer models … Thanks for the comment Rene!

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