Kai Turner on The Future Of Information Architecture

I’m still working my way through Mr. Turner’s broadside on the future of IA, which presents some very well-crafted observations about the obsolescence of the standard compliment of IA / HCI tools and approaches (wireframes, personas etc.) for a web that’s about to increment its version number upward any moment now… And what I’ve read so-far seems pertinent to the work I’ve begun on my book.

I was curious to see Mr. Turner invoking our regular-old-architect friend Christopher Alexander and Alexander’s Pattern Language early on in the article, only to say the following several paragraphs later with regards to the coming convergence of yesterday’s 2-D web with geo-tagging in meatspace to form an “internet of things”

we will need a new language and set of tools to model environmental interactive behaviours

It may be true that we will need a different language and set of tools to better design for and understand an Internet of Things … but I’m not convinced that what we need is new. I suspect that the tools and vocabulary we currently lack – the tools and practices and processes that will better ensure the success of our designs both with our clients and with their constituents – are to be found in the missing mappings between regular-old architecture and the work we do on the web as information architects.

Just sayin’, not sprayin’

26. January 2009 by dan
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