Take My Gradschool IA Course's Final Exam

This is the first time that I”ve had a final exam in SI658, which is the information architecture course that I teach at the University of Michigan School of Information. I”m just now starting to grade my students” work on this exam and wow – some of the stuff they came up with is magic. Maybe they”ll let me share some of what they”ve turned in. In the meantime here”s the 2-part, course-spanningly ponderous final exam question that I grabbed from the Twitter:

Is Information Architecture a physical artifact or a skillset? How can you tell if it”s done online pokie game right? #IA

Tomas Breen, Tweeting on behalf of Duckarto Web Apps

I think it”s a brilliant question. I hope Mr. Breen doesn”t mind my having appropriated it. If you”d like to take this exam, please provide your answers in the comments. For ultra realism, you can adhere to the guidelines my students were asked to follow.

15. December 2009 by dan
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