No Such Thing As Information Architects: Responding To JJG 11 Months Later

I’m about to embark on a point-by-point rebuttal to Jesse James Garrett’s provocative closing plenary at last year’s Information Architecture Summit. Before I get down to business I’d like your help. I’m an ALA-certified librarian, so perhaps it is not surprising for you to learn that I’m not great at finding stuff on the Internet. I’ve done a lot of Googling since last April and I do not believe that I’ve found evidence that anybody’s yet taken up the gauntlet that Jessie threw down in Memphis last year. There were a lot of glad hands and OMG’s right after the event, but I’ve not been able to locate a systematic reply or rebuttal.

So, before I dig in, if you’ve written or seen a reply to Garrett’s plenary talk that a would-be raconteur should know about before climbing up on his soapbox… please send me your links.


19. February 2010 by dan
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