Is Librarianship A Profession?

Just noticed (now that I’m using again) that at some point last year, Brian Kerr sent me a link to this sobering blog posting entitled Is Librarianship A Profession?  Raises some eyebrow-knittingly uncomfortable questions that everybody who’s in or thinking about “library school” needs to read.  It’s not all doom and gloom, and I’ll be a spoiler by quoting from Ms. Salo’s conclusion:

For myself, I’m not worried. I’m one of those folks who, based on developments in the research enterprise, is likely to be able to barter my labor individually for a decent price no matter what happens to librarianship as a profession. I’ll still call myself a librarian, no fear there. The question is whether people nod respectfully when I do—or laugh.

06. January 2009 by dan
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