Thinking About Doing eCommerce? Read This

Sally McKenzie pops eCommerce n00b balloons up and down the block in tour-de-force called “E-commerce Freshman: Is Your Shopping Cart Before the Horse?

…recently I have received a number of calls and emails from e-commerce first timers. The recession has prompted some pure brick and mortar retailers to seek growth in the online world. Or, sole proprietors are starting e-commerce businesses with hopes of pursuing a dream and ditching the need for a day job … Inevitably, the conversation starts with the client inquiring about what e-commerce platform or shopping cart software they should use. There are so many out there, it’s confusing, etc. … Well, it IS confusing. But one of the reasons it’s confusing is that you may be putting the shopping cart before the horse.

06. January 2009 by dan
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