5 Years
Research and descriptive bibliography focused on 5 years in the life and work of Richard Saul Wurman circa 1969-1974. Some of my work in progress is available through a blog I update intermittently.

Architecture And Lou Are One
Long-form interview with Richard Saul Wurman — appears as the first chapter of the Reader’s Guide to the forthcoming facsimile edition of The Notebooks and Drawings of Louis I. Kahn. Publishes in Fall 2021

In Search of: Masterworks of Information Architecture
Book chapter I contributed to an edited volume from Springer in 2021 called Advances in Information Architecture.

Afterword: In Conversation With Richard Saul Wurman
Closing piece from the 2021 Springer book on IA. An edited excerpt from a conversation I conducted with RSW.

Information Architecture and Sacred Space
A writeup of what happened in Winter Term 2021 in the IA course I teach at the University of Michigan School of Information.

Einmal Ist Keinmal
A long essay on the work of Christopher Alexander, and the pole-shift in my teaching and in my practice that came about through visits I fanaggled to see his projects in Tokyo, Seattle, Berkeley, San Francisco, San Jose, Lake Travis, West Dean, and West Sussex.

An Opposite Truth
In UX design, the first principle we teach students is you are not your user. It’s a ripe axiom, and I’ve found that its opposite is also true.

In Search Of The Architecture Part of Information Architecture
I was invited to give the closing keynote talk at the Information Architecture Summit in Vancouver in 2017, and instead I read this piece of writing into a microphone. It was a bad speech, but it’s a good essay.

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