The Long Tail = Pwned By The Fat Head

At least in the online music biz, Chris Anderson’s mega-meme/online business strategy seems to have been proven wrong:

…for the online singles market (10-13 million tracks), 80 per cent of all revenue came from around 52,000 tracks, and for albums, 85% did not sell one lousy copy all year.

22. December 2008 by dan
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  1. Right at the time you did the post.
    I think it’s more a transactionnal problem that can be solve by an extensive offer [a huge catalogue] and a subscription model [all you can eat with no transaction].

    Regarding “Spotify” or other full experience product like netflix for movies, you see that with a great experience [at the pace of your brain] and recommendation, it’s possible to lead the user from “blockbuster” to “independant” cultural objects.

    Except this, Studios are still freezing the market with a chronology of media [for movies] that is modifying deeply the long-tail.


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